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Long Jing(dragon well) is the highest quality among all the Longjings from Zhejiang province.


In China, there is a territory divide on the Shi Feng Long Jing, Mei Wu Longjing and Xi Hu Long Jing and Zhejiang Long Jing.


Shi Feng Long Jing refers to the teas are from Shi Feng mountain, Longjing village and Weng Jian Shan village. Mei Wu Long Jing refers to Wu Xi, Mei Jia Wu villages. Xi Hu Long Jing refers to the Longjing is growing in the Xi Hu areas, excluding the Shi Feng areas and Mei Wu areas. Only the teas above can be named as Xi Lu Long Jing in general. And Shi Feng Long Jing is the best in its aroma and taste.

Zhejiang Long Jing refers to the Long Jing teas are from other areas in Zhejiang province.


This Shi Feng Long Jing is the pre-Qingming Long Jing, super fresh & chestnut aroma, thick, sweet taste. Besides, the tea bush is the old bush from ancient time till now; not the new bush, Long Jing No. 43. So its taste is thicker, and more infusability. Taste this Shi Feng Jing Long Jing, you will know what the authetic Shi Feng Long Jing likes.

Tea tree: Local old longjing bush

Country: China Flag Country