You agree to comply with the guidelines, terms and conditions, notices, regulations and policies, guidance on the use of services or access to all platforms, including that there may be additional editing, and updated by us occasionally. However, we reserve the right to amend and update the guidelines, terms and conditions, notices, regulations, policies, and recommendations at any time constitutes acknowledgement and agreement with the amendments and updates them when it is published on the platform.

  • You agree and certify that you will not
    • Use the platform and / or services to impersonate another person or entity. Or statements or false information about its relationship with any person or entity.
    • Use the platform and/or services for unlawful purposes, and causing or expected to cause any damage. Per-platform, other users, or for any person or the public.
    • Attempt to access unauthorized use, tampering, interference, modify, interrupt or cause the system to a computer, a server, or the networks connected to the platform, the use of other user or the service crashes, corrupted.
    • Upload, email, post, promote, transfer, or by making the information and details that are false and / or unlawful in any way. Through the platform and / or services.
    • Upload, email, post, transmit or promotional material or any material that contains or has reason to suspect that a computer virus, worm, Trojan horse, or other code groups that do harm. Or mutilated or to cause mistake, or interfere with the computer or mobile devices of other clients. Or platform or service.
    • Interfering with another user's account or collect information about other users, including but not limited to any personal information.
    • In addition to the platform or policy-compliant applications are accepted by the network connection of any kind. Any Internet standards associated and any other relevant law Including in a manner not permitted by the license provided herein.
    We reserve the right to change, update, amend, modify, suspend or cancel the service or platform. Whether in whole or in part at any time for any reason. And is not responsible for any If a change, update, amend, modify, suspend or cancel it. You can’t access and / or use of the platform or service in any part or all.
  • As our sole discretion, we reserve the right.
    • Tracking, monitoring, screening, organized activities, content, or for any information, documentation on the platform and/or the service, including investigation of any violation of the terms and conditions and may take any action we deem necessary.
    • Prevent, limit or revoke the Access platforms and/or the service. Under the terms and conditions.
    • Report any activity on the platform we suspected violations of laws, rules or regulations of any agency concerned. Including cooperation with the agency itself.
    • Requesting information and details about the services and / or access to the platform you at any time and exercise our right under this clause if you refuse to give, or we have reason to believe that the person providing the information. and the details are incorrect, causing misunderstanding or by fraudulent means.
    • Screening, reject, delete or move any content on the platform that is in violation of any terms and conditions, has received complaints from other users, is illegal, violates the intellectual property or legal, including the command may also be blocking communication.
  • Access to and use of the platform and/or services is governed by the privacy policy, which is defined in "".
  • Any item trading is governed by the terms and conditions of sale, as defined in ""
  • In addition to these terms and conditions. If a specific terms and conditions or additional adjustment, subject to additional terms and conditions which will be valid and complete in all respects.