World’s leading B2B Food Platform with 1 page SEO best practices, for over 20 years of professional work experience in food industries with technology ecosystem and innovative combined.

www.efoodchoice.com is an affiliated business subsidiary of 3 Seasons Fruit Industry Co., Ltd. and Thai Ao Chi Fruits Co., Ltd. The platform is providing 24 hrs./day online space for food products advertising, an excellent customer service with food business matching system and equipped with talented international team member which will meet with all aspect of B2B food business requirements.

www.efoodchoice.com is mobile-friendly, easy-connected, and potentially be one of the biggest Food B2B business flagship where reaches millions of food business entrepreneurs worldwild. The purposes of the platform are to help support international Food sellers and buyers to have more their merchandising channels, to grow their online business globally, and to gain their profitability sustainably.

We committed to bring out a high level of services quality and a professional contribution to grow your business successfully.

3 Seasons Technology Co., Ltd.

3 Seasons technology Co., Ltd. is an affiliated business company of 3 Seasons Fruit Industry Co., Ltd. and Thaiaochi Fruits Co., Ltd. Founded in 2018, the company has been developing technology platform via website www.efoodchoice.com and www.efood2you.com which specially focus on FOOD businesses for the main purposes to support both locally and internationally B2B entrepreneurs to have more their merchandising channels and online space for product advertising, to share food business news, to announce annually international trade fair, events and exhibitions, and to be a truly food business platform which fulfilled all Food business objectives and help achieve their goals.

The 2 Websites Platform are as the following;

1. www.efoodchoice.com , The international FOOD B2B PLATFORM with only qualified food safety concerns certificated brand and product are welcome to join, in order to meet with the highest hygienic standard of food product, to gain international acceptance and to be competitive worldwild.

2. www.efood2you.com , FOOD B2C PLATFORM, which aim to be food community online marketplace where fully support food entrepreneurs, retailers, and buyers to achieve their business goals.

These 2 platforms are equipped with technology matching system integrated with 24 hrs./day with the customer service support team are there to ensure all food businesses aspect requirements are fullfilled.


Started food trading business.


- Established Thai Ao Chi Fruits Co., Ltd, sales and marketing “Thai Ao Chi” Brand products to China.
- Established 3 Seasons Fruit Industry Co., Ltd. as leading manufacturer with International standard certified to produce and distributing premium Frozen and Freeze Dried products

2006 – 2007

Established overseas branches in China and Taiwan

2008 - Now

Started Exporting products globally.

2016 - 2018

Held the seminars for E-commerce businesses titled “Open SME online wholesale opportunities in one click” organized by Kasikorn Bank (K Bank)


- Established 3 Seasons Technology Co., Ltd. which aim to be world’s leading center of the online food B2B and B2C platforms that serve food business entrepreneurs both locally and internationally with a high standard of products and services


Launched food B2B online platform under the name “www.efoodchoice.com”
Launched food B2C online platform under the name “www.efood2you.com”


Established business alliances with China and Franch as its new business flagship and plans to grow its new networking to cover all continentals by the end of 2021