Rice flour mixed with cereals

Pastry and food flour


500 Kilograms

0.00 - 0.00 AED

10,000 Ton/month




Product Detail

Rice flour mixed with cereals: made from the grains of rice mixed with grains. To be ground into powder This type of powder is rough on the hand. If exposed to heat The flour will become cloudy and coagulate. Suitable for foods that need a living such as pastries, desserts, cups, desserts, bananas.

Contains: rye berry Jasmine rice, green bean, black sesame, white sesame, shiitake mushroom, black ear mushroom, basil seed

How to use

1) Pour the batter into the container.

2) Slowly pour the water and knead the dough until it forms a mass.

Warning: People who are allergic to grains should not eat it.


1 - 500 kg for 10.6 $

501 - 1000 Kg. Price 10 $.

1000 kg or more, the price is 9.5 $

Country: Flag Country
Business Type: อาหารสำเร็จรูป

Company Profile

KASIKUMRAISANPIT LAVO THAI CO., LTD. Is an industrial factory for rice milling for farmers. Located at Tha Wung District, Lopburi Province, has been established for 15 years and offers organic products such as jasmine rice, black rye berry. Purple ryeberry Rice and all kinds of processed foods With a large industrial plant All products are certified GMP ISO HALAL for producing all kinds of agricultural products for companies such as producing rice germ drink, cereal mixes of fresh milk, instant noodle. Rice flour mixed with cereals White Krachai 100% pure turmeric, sesame oil extracted many pastries such as coconut, baked by vacuum That does not lose the nutritional value

In addition, it is also supported by the agricultural research of Kasetsart University. Chiang Mai University Mahidol University In plant seed research The surrounding area of ​​the factory has an area for cultivating native plants. And cultivate a variety of rare plants There is a standard production control room.