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Camel milk is low in fat. The fat content of camel milk is approx. 50% lower than of cow’s milk. Camel milk contains unsaturated fatty acids. The percentage of these so called ‘healthy fats’is higher than in cow’s milk. Healthy fats helps reducing cholesterol to aid healthy cardio-vascular functioning. Camel milk is rich in natural vitamin C. The content of this immune-boosting vitamin is 3-5 times higher than in cow’s milk ½ liters of camel milk almost represents the recommended daily requirement of vitamin C. Camel milk contains more calcium than other milks. The intake of this natural mineral is important for growing children and helps preventing Osteoporosis. People who care about diet will have an excellent low fat alternative. The low fat, but calcium rich camel milk ideal for pregnant women and supports the healthy growth of the fetus.