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Why are the sens GLUTEN-FREE crackers better than regular crackers?

Sens crackers were named crackers only because they are crunchy and salty. They push the boundaries of what’s expected from crackers in every other way imaginable.. They are full of seeds, dried vegetables, and quality cricket protein with no simple carbs or gluten. Our crackers are neither baked nor fried, we gently dry them in hot air instead.

What do the sens GLUTEN-FREE crackers taste like?

You will be surprised! Their delicious and real flavour comes from the ingredients themselves - a mix of seeds, vegetables and various spices. You can enjoy them as they are or combined with various spreads. We heard they also pair well with wine!

PS: cricket protein adds a nutritious boost without affecting the flavour of our crackers

How did we choose the ingredients to make this product?

First of all - no gluten, period. We dry seeds and vegetables with hot air to create a crunchy structure. Carefully selected spices bring out the rich savoury flavour. Cricket flour then adds protein, healthy fats, chitin fiber, and a lot of micronutrients. Maximal savoury, minimal gluten

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