High Performance Water Vacuum Pump for Multi Purpose

Vacuum Evaporator


1 Set

100.00 - 500.00 USD

1,000 Set/month




Product Detail

Reactor and evaporator water circulating vacuum pump with cheap price

Referring to the design of Japanese desktop pump, the SHZ series desktop lab circulating water vacuum pump is transformed from the water circulation pump to a smaller and lighter pump, fitting for small-size lab. The new desktop circulating water vacuum pump is a multifunctional pump in good shape, with double vacuum meters and taps or four meters and taps.


(1) the machine is installed with two vacuum meters and two sets of tips which can be used independently or in parallel connection.

(2) The main machine is made of stainless steel plate and pressed into an elegant shape. The box body is made of special engineering plastics.

(3) It is installed with special fluid silencer reducing friction noise created by liquid and gas contained in water, making vacuum degree higher and more stable. Corrosion resisting, pollutionfree, low noise and easy to move. It is also possible to install vacuum adjusting valve to make operation more convenient.

(4) The appearance of IIIA Type Water Circulating Multipurpose Vacuum Pump is the same as those SHB-III and SHB-IIIS Type Vacuum Pumps. But its important parts of jetting devices, three-way devices, check valve and sucking tap are made of stainless steel.

(5) The water storage tank is made of newly-developed special plastics which can resist against corrosion and dissolution brought about by operation of organic chemical matters such as acetone and diethyl ether chloroform.

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