Thai Beef Sauce



940 Cartons

1.00 - 1.00 USD

5,000 Cartons/month

Room Temperature



Product Detail

Original blend of Thai beef sauce. Available for OEM and private label. Packaging in glass bottle, PET bottle, nylon pack, alu bag, sachet. Price may varry depending on amount and packaging. Please send us an email for details.


Shelf life: 18 months

Chef Art THAI BEEF SAUCE is a sauce with a blend of spices that is best for beef dishes. Thai beef sauce is suitable for marinating meat, as well as quick stir fry, grilling, roasting, stewing, braising, or just about any cooking method that involves beef. 

Chef Art Thai beef sauce complements other earthy ingredients like peppers, potatoes, and most green leafy vegetables and stalks. It allows the cook to be able to create a dish that is unique, without spending a lot of time developing flavors.

Our sauce recipe is developed from decades of heritage recipes combined with modern technique, and produced in a 1,200 sqm modern facility, north of Bangkok, Thailand. Our high-quality production processes are validated with GMP, HACCP, BRC, Halal, and Sedex certifications, and is also available as Kosher certified.

The Thai beef sauce is available in Chef Art brand and for OEM and private label and private label in different sizes and packaging. 

  • Glass bottle (mL): 150, 180, 187.5, 200, 205, 250, 300, 310, 500, 600, 610, 650, 700, 750
  • PET bottle (mL): 200, 360, 435, 740, 1000
  • Pouch: 200 - 5000 mL
  • Gallon (L): 2, 5, 20
  • Tank (L): 1000

Packing and loading details are available upon request, after determining packaging sizes.

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Company Profile

ProPlan Industrail Co. Ltd. has been in the local market and exporting since 2007 around Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas. Our products are under the Chef Art brand, and are all available for OEM (private labels). We specialize in Thai and International sauces, as well as various natural vegetarian shelf-stable food prodcuts. Our production processes are certified for Halal, Kosher, BRC, GMP, and HACCP.