Lab use LAF laminar flow hood

Cleaning Machine


1 Set

2,991.10 - 29,911.00 THB

6,000 Set/month




Product Detail

Lab use LAF laminar flow hood

 Lab use LAF laminar flow hood is the use of efficient air purification unit, a higher level of manufacturing clean area f or low level clean room, local work environment cleanliness requirements of the higher places, it ca n save a lot of initial investment and operating costs.

Technical Parameters


Horizontal Flow:


Vertical Flow:


1. Horizontal flow and vertical flow types are available.
2. Imported stainless steel countertops and transparent glass side fences. They make the working area look more spacious and bright.
3. Countertops can be detached from the main construction which reduces the influence from main construction's vibrancy.
4. Air velocity can be adjusted; working voltage of fan can be adjusted with touch type switch so that the air velocity in the area will always remain a good state.

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