Plastic recycling machine

Cleaning Machine


1 Pieces

41,800.00 - 109,000.00 USD

1 Pieces/month




Product Detail

PP/PET Reprocess Plant Includes Taking any of Plastic Sorting it into Different Polymers and then Chipping it and then Melting it Down into Pellets After this Stage it can then be Used to make Items of any Kind Such as Plastic Chairs and Tables. Soft Plastics are also Recycled Such as Polyethylene Film and Bags.

§  Application:-


o   Material :- all Kind of Plastic Waste, Online Force Feeding Film Trim,

o   Tape Trim without Cutting Agglometer. For the Plastic Waste of Higher Moister,

o   Heavy Printing, Heavy Contamination.



·  Features:-


o   Excellent Functionality

o   Consistent Performance

o   High Strength

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