Doi Brown Rice Mixed with Cereals



500 Boxes

1.50 - 2.00 USD

10,000 Boxes/month

Normal temperature



Product Detail

Doi Brown Rice Mixed with Cereals (1 box = 500 g)

Organic rice Spontaneous No residue And do not use chemical pesticides
Product Short Description
1) Low calorie, reduce cholesterol, prevent and treat certain diseases.
2) Does not contain sugar, fragrant, delicious taste obtained from rice and cereals.
3) Weight control.
Product Advantages
1) Reducing cholesterol
2) Reduce blood sugar
3) Nourish the bones and make blood cells
4) Good excretory system
5) Build immunity Against cancer
Product Specification / Ingredients
1) Doi Brown Rice 50%
2) Red bean 10%, Green bean 15%, Black bean 5%
3) Black Sesame 5%
4) Millet 10%
5) Lotus Mild 2%, Basil Seed 3%
Direction (How to use)
500 grams per box for 2 meals. How to put brown rice mixed with cereals into the pot. Wash it with clean water 1-2 times, soak it for 30-60 minutes to make the rice more delicious. When the time soaking is complete, drain the water and add new water to cook the cooking ratio. Brown rice mixed with cereals, 1 part to 3 parts water, if desired to make brown rice and grains soft. To add more water at a ratio of 1 to 4.
Safety Warning
People who are allergic to components of cereal should not eat this product without first consulting their doctor.

Price of other types of rice
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Jasmine brown rice mixed grains (white sesame, black sesame, millet, lotus seed, green bean)500 g.price 1.6 / box
Jasmine brown rice 500 g.price 1.5$ / box
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Country: Flag Country
Business Type: อาหารสำเร็จรูป

Company Profile

KASIKUMRAISANPIT LAVO THAI CO., LTD. Is an industrial factory for rice milling for farmers. Located at Tha Wung District, Lopburi Province, has been established for 15 years and offers organic products such as jasmine rice, black rye berry. Purple ryeberry Rice and all kinds of processed foods With a large industrial plant All products are certified GMP ISO HALAL for producing all kinds of agricultural products for companies such as producing rice germ drink, cereal mixes of fresh milk, instant noodle. Rice flour mixed with cereals White Krachai 100% pure turmeric, sesame oil extracted many pastries such as coconut, baked by vacuum That does not lose the nutritional value

In addition, it is also supported by the agricultural research of Kasetsart University. Chiang Mai University Mahidol University In plant seed research The surrounding area of ​​the factory has an area for cultivating native plants. And cultivate a variety of rare plants There is a standard production control room.