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500 kg

700 - 900 USD

20 tons/month


Peeled or cut fresh fruit






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Every bite of a Pomelos fruit provides unrivaled nutrition, fighting disease and improving the quality of life for the consumer.


Fruit Description: The fruit is medium-large, broadly obovoid to pyriform, seedy and light yellow at maturity. Rind is medium thick, pebbled from protuberant oil glands and tightly adherent. Segments are numerous (12-16) and membranes are thick but tough. The flesh is light greenish yellow, crisp, somewhat tough and lacking in juice. Flavor is sweet, mildly acidic and sometimes with a trace of bitterness.


We are growers who are committed to delivering the freshest, highest-quality, finest-tasting fruit in the marketplace. We grow, process, package and ship our fruit products ourselves. Our produce comes ready to be placed on your shelves and timed for consumption.



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