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Melon Milk Drink
Product Information

Fruit juice


3130 Carton

0 - 0 USD

100,000 Ton/month

Room Temperature



Product Detail

Milk beverage with melon flavor pack in 240 aluminum cans. keep 2 years shelf life in room temperature. No preservative added.

Country Thailand
Business Type Fruit juice, Canned Fruit juice, Concentrated Fruit juice

Company Profile

Nuboon Company Limited was established in 1992 from the demand to produce juices that are fresh and flavorful, close to nature. You can also collect benefits and value of the juice with the juice Smile (brand logo), which is formed using a pasteurization process. The pasteurized process is cooled quickly, so that the flavor and nutritional value of the juice remains At present our company is manufacturing products to meet the diverse needs of customers in various channels, both domestically and abroad. By focusing on the development and personnel advancement, knowledge of food science and technology to increase efficiency. This includes international standards, requirements to produce quality products, to satisfy the consumer. Under the quality policy of "cooperation and development personnel progress. Our company is determined to implement the requirements to deliver safe products, and quality satisfaction to our customers. "