Prolive Plus 250 ml

Oilive/Seasame Oil


12 Pack

12.00 - 14.00 USD

12 Ton/month




Product Detail


It is natural extra virgin olive oil produced with modern-day technology from olives grown in the Bursa Region. The oleic acid content of Prolive olive oil produced from olives obtained from early harvest is 0.2 and it is a very valuable olive oil in terms of health. The aroma of Early Harvest olive oil produced from green olives is more fruity and sharp, and its taste is bitter. With its high polyphenol, it increases the resistance of the human body against diseases and extends human life naturally. Our olive oil, in which we do not use any ingredient in its production, will present its quality to you with its smell and taste.


High Polyphenol

Cold Pressed

Early Harvest


Protects from heart disease.

Helps to fight cancer and Alzheimer’s disease

Reduces Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Protects the nervous system

Helps prevent or repair liver damage

Reduces disease risk, including obesity, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar levels

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