Electric Grill With Cabinet

Kitchen Equipment


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Product Detail

Net Weight:123Kg

Country: Flag Country

Company Profile

The company was established since 2004 by Mr. Thanorm Nuad-Ngam

among the passion of kitchen stainless steel products growing. Based on our successful stories about stainless steel products guaranteed by

a number of the customers experiences and technology development, our products wild spread in the market both state and private sectors such as international hospitals, hotels and supermarkets. Not only

productions but we also import all kitchen stainless steel products from different countries.

Type of products and services

Our business divided in to three lines. First the stainless steel products applied for the kitchen working as following;  refrigerator, freezer, cold room, trolley, dish washer, sink, cabinet, shelf bar and different kinds of rang including Chinese types, Thai and European types. Second the kitchen apparatus design and setting up the kitchen for example main kitchen, cold kitchen, washing area, pool bar, cold or freezing room, canteen and counter services. Finally the installation systems include duct, exhaustion and gas system.