White grape juice (น้ำองุ่นขาว)

Fruit juice


100 Carton

10.00 - 20.00 THB

20,000 Carton/month



1 ปี

Product Detail

Country: Flag Country
Business Type: Drink

Company Profile

    JK Foods operates a business in the production of sweetened beverages such as Orange flavored nectar Mixed fruit nectar
Cantaloupe nectar Pineapple Flavored Syrup Strawberry flavored nectar.

     By exchanging the production of orange flavored nectar And mixed fruit scent
By producing a packing quantity of 320 cc. Contains: 6 bottles / pack or packing size 1 X 6 X 8 X 320 cc./box
The retail price is 185 baht / carton if customers want to order products in
Large quantities can contact directly with JK Foods.