Item 10653 GN 1/1 PREMIUM (None leaking)

Kitchen Equipment


1 Carton

2,600.00 - 2,850.00 THB

50 Carton/month




Product Detail

- EPP (Expanded Polypropylene, Free of CFC)

- Food grade

- Solutions for hot and cold storage and transport, excellent insulation attributes from -40 to +120 C with high thermal stability.

- Robust made of EPP, durable and lightweight, hygienic and dishwasher proof, 100% recyclable.

- In compliance with EC-regulation 1935/2004



Outside : 600x400x338 mm

 Inside   : 538x337x337 mm

Volume  : 50L

Country: Flag Country
Business Type: Food Machine

Company Profile

    Thai Thermo Dynamics TTD was established in Bangkok in 2006. The founder’s background is in logistics and cold chain solution design and operations. The experience in this specific and highly specialized part of the logistics was the beginning of TTD as a reseller of world class equipment.