WorldFood Istanbul continues its preparations by adopting the ‘Safe trade & 365-Day hybrid exhibition’ strategy
WorldFood Istanbul continues its preparations by adopting the ‘Safe trade & 365-Day hybrid exhibition’ strategy
November 21, 2020 10:35 ( 261 View )

    28th WorldFood Istanbul, where a blended approach to digital and traditional exhibition methods will be applied, continues to prepare to open its doors and present enjoyable and brand-new events to the visitors. Reminding that health and safety measures will be fully implemented during the exhibition, Regional Director of Hyve Group Kemal Ülgen underlined that the economic recession will be overcome through the exhibitions.


   While the exhibition industry, which is the locomotive of the world economy with a total output of $325 billion, is preparing to gear up for global travel to get back to its good old days in the new normal period, WorldFood Istanbul, which is one of the top food products & processing technologies exhibition in the region and the world, continues its preparations to open its doors on November 25-28 November 2020.


   WorldFood Istanbul, which brings together the Anatolian food culture with the world as a Hyve Group event, offers regional and global partnership opportunities to local producers while helping the exhibitors get ready for the exhibition and provides partnership opportunities for its exhibitors 365 days a year with the committee before the exhibition.


   Indicating that the exhibition industry is a continuous ecosystem, Hyve Group Regional Director Kemal Ülgen said, “We brought together 25 foreign buyers with more than 100 local exhibitors in the summer through our virtual trade platform Hyve Connect by pursuing a safe trade strategy. Ülgen gave the message of new cooperation opportunities for the participants taking part in exhibitions organized by Hyve Group, “while working to adopt this strategy more frequently in the coming period and to better represent the mission of the exhibitions, we will also present the advantages of the exhibition organization as an ecosystem that exists throughout the year. ”


“A Year-Long WorldFood Istanbul” experience via Hyve Connect

Reminding that they have received very positive feedback from their users on the virtual trade platform Hyve Connect, which they have implemented in more than 120 exhibitions all over the world since 2018, Ülgen continued as follows: With the the advent of pandemic period, the importance of the exhibition industry became clear once again. I would like to share one of the findings of the survey conducted by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry with the participation of 9,000 companies worldwide: Two-thirds of the exhibitors indicate that the cancellation of exhibitions seriously damaged their commercial ties. This outcome clearly shows the importance of the profit exhibitors earns from exhibitions.”