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Arma Group expands its frozen food network
October 30, 2020 16:47 ( 44 View )

Arma Group, which is growing rapidly with its registered brands such as Sam, Lezzeti Antep, and Istanbul, has been expanding its sales points with the most popular products in the frozen food sector in the recent years. While expanding its product portfolio each day, Arma Group introduces many delightful products especially its variety of specialty product kunefe (one, 4 or 8 portions) to the consumers in the country and abroad. Other products within this scope include baklava, Antep-katmer (flaky crisp), souffle, cheese halvah, semolina halvah, magnolia (pudding with fruits), variety of cakes (tiramisu, cheesecake, coco star, chocolate biscuit cake, cake with cherries, pistachio delight), gözleme (thin pastry with filling), pizza, pide (flat bread with topping), içli köfte (stuffed meatballs), kete (flaky pastry filled with butter roasted flour or chopped walnut), poğaça (pastry with filling especially for breakfast), variety of pastry (su böreği-boiled pastry with filling, Turkish börek rolls-pastry with filling, etc), and çiğ köfte (steak tartar a la Turca).


The products which are in the shelves of nation-wide and local markets in 81 cities of Turkey are also exported to the USA, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Dubai, Iraq, Kuwait, Germany, Qatar, Pakistan and Ghana maintaining the cold chain in the supply process.

The company has 6,000m2 indoor production facility and can produce 50,000 items a day. It has 95 qualified employees and makes nation-wide, regional and international sales. One of the goals of the company is being the leader in the sector shaping the national and international markets.


With the brands it has, Arma Group, which gives importance to using natural and local materials in addition to having professional and experienced staff, has BRC and FSSC22000 international quality certificates. The company also has quality standard certificates such as Halal, ISO, HACCP.


Having an infrastructure to supply food all over the world

Working with the most distinguished brands and companies, Arma Group with its corporate sales department, serves to A101, Super Fresh, Little Caesars Carrefour etc. and to all Turkey through its dealership network. It sends the flavors it produces to approximately 7,000 restaurants and cafeterias and 10,000 local and national supermarket branches with the Sam and Lezzeti Antep brands.


Arma Group exports the products in its product range to the five continents participating in the fairs organized abroad and in the country. The company is decisive in its path to be the global, reputable, leader brand with a high market value.


Doğan Kefeli, Arma Company Group Chairman of the Board tells us about the company’s operations and principles:

“As Arma Grup Gıda A.Ş., we have started our journey to make Sam brand the best. On the day we started this journey we knew that using natural and local ingredients as well as welcoming the experience and accumulation of years were important to produce best taste. We are aware of this fact today, as well. We did what we were supposed to do. We have worked hard and made künefe more popular. It was not a desert of Hatay anymore, we made Hatay cuisine your cuisine. We have included exclusive tastes to our product range. Arma Grup Gıda A.Ş. is growing each day never losing its ambition and decisiveness in producing the best product. There is permanent bond with the customer thanks to the tastes enduring in people’s minds. Having the logistics capacity to supply food throughout the country, Arma Grup Gıda A.Ş. continues its activities constantly to make people abroad access these delicious tastes.”

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