EFOODCHOICE PRESENTATION Since the spread of virus COVID-19 affects to global people’s life and economy.

International trade business is the one of business is affected. Amid the crisis, online platform is the best solution for business to survive.


     www.efoodchoice.com is global B2B e-commerce platform that you can deal international trade through online anywhere and anytime.

EFOODCHOICE supports all requirements food business in same community.


     Connecting global people in food industry. Seller and Buyer are comfortable to trade.

     Sellers promote their products. Buyers request for quotation.


        Reach to target group business to business and save overall cost. Entrepreneurs with good quality products and food standard certification join member as seller at EFOODCHOICE will be promoted to various channels including social media, food trade show, international business matching.


        With the powerful function of EFOODCHOICE platform, sellers can create company and product profiles.

Communicate online with buyer real time.


        EFOODCHOICE team has strong experience more than 20 years of import and export to provide international trade consultation and alongside with the seller. Buyers can trust product quality, authenticity, and safety.


       EFOODCHOICE Platform is simply to use that makes buyer can search product and connect to the seller easily.

Business trade goes smoothly, avoid the risks, and save the time.


       Join with EFOODCHOICE today just register with your email, password, and user information.

The easy way to trade globally. EFOODCHOICE think of food, think of us.


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