Dive Brief:

  • Fermented meat analog maker The Better Meat Co. plans to introduce an analog of foie gras this spring, co-founder and CEO Paul Shapiro told Food Dive. The foie gras, which will be made from the company's mycelium-derived Rhiza protein, will first appear on restaurant menus, Shapiro said. An announcement of the first restaurant partners is forthcoming. 
  • Shapiro said that despite the animal cruelty underlying foie gras, there are many people who like to eat it. "Because it is so controversial, and because it has been the subject of litigation and legislation throughout the world, it makes sense for us to create a version so that people who enjoy eating foie gras can experience that same joy without all the suffering," he said in an exclusive interview.
  • Foie gras, which is considered a delicacy in fine dining circles, is made from the fattened livers of overfed ducks or geese, but has been criticized around the world as inhumane. In the U.S., it will soon be banned in New York City and there have been long legal battles to ban it in California. It has also been banned in several countries in Europe and Asia.

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